Our Stations

The Orchard Park Fire Company operates out of two fire stations. Our main station is referred to as Orchard Park Central. Our substation is referred to as Orchard Park North.

Orchard Park Central

The Orchard Park Central Fire Station, located at 30 School St, was constructed in 1977 and features 5 bays, chiefs and captains offices, company executive board offices, weight room, training/briefing room, large day room (recreation room), kitchen and large meeting room, capable of having upwards of 200 people. In recent years, a small addition was put on as a museum to house our 1930’s era Buffalo pumper and our antique, open back ambulance. This station also houses the Orchard Park Fire District Board of Commissioners offices. Orchard Park Central houses Engine 1, Engine 2, Truck 6, Rescue 7, Orchard Park 883 and Orchard Park 840. There are currently approximately 60 firefighters based out of this location.

Orchard Park Central Station Orchard Park Central Station Weight Room Orchard Park Central Station Day Room

Orchard Park Fire North

The Orchard Park North Substation, located at 2989 Southwestern Blvd, was constructed in 19XX and has two apparatus bays. This station also has a small mechanics room, and small day room with a kitchenette. The North Station houses Engine 3 and Orchard Park 821. Currently, almost 20 firefighters are based out of our substation.

Orchard Park North Station Orchard Park North Station Kitchen